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September 08, 2011

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Camotes Island





Ever heard of the enchanted trees?
the locals revere the spirits in every trees,
dare they provoke their anger.
It was a normal custom to bow down in salutation,
when in passing to acknowledge the spirits
of the trees, who live there.

Abandoned Boho Beach Resort

Camotes, is not just an enchanting island ,
it is an enchanted one as well. Most popular stories among these places is …
this abondoned beach resort of BOHO.
It is made up of rocky cliffs,
and a lot of people have drowned and died here,
while swimming. So naturally they leave traces
of their spirits and their lost forlorn souls.

Boho Resort 1

The most popular stories, is the story of the trading ship.
If you notice, these rocks look like a boat. In front of the rocks, used to be a cacao plantation.
There used to be stories about a boat from Camotes Island, trading in different parts of the
islands in the country, even as far as Brazil, South America. They traded cacao.
And when the people
asked where they were coming from, they replied, Camotes Island.
Many people, who have traded
with them said, that the boats consisted of a crew of men, who were all " mestizos", of mixed blood.
Of course, no such boats and people existed in the entire recorded
history of Camotes or any island for that matter.

Boho Resort 2

This was a tale of a policeman who used to come to this place frequently,
to serenade a beautiful woman. One night, he never returned.
And to this day, no one can explain the mystery of his disappearance.
Many such cases of disappearing people were reported,
who was enchanted with a beautiful Lass who seemed to reside…
somewhere along the rocks!!!

Ever heard of the fisherman and his dog,
who turned to stone ? After a frustrating day of an endless empty catch,
he took his dog in a net and planned to eat him
for supper instead. But a lightning struck him,
and they both turned into stone.

the magic stone

The pictures above and below , may look like a simple, plain huge stone.
But before the roads were built, some luminous light sparked,
and a coffin and an umbrella were
oftentimes seen floating above the rocks.


Have you heard of St. Elmo's Fire?

The whole range of the horizon used to light up in sparks of different colored flames.
They looked very beautiful.
These were tales, from my grandfather's youthful years.
All my life, when I was a child,
I heard a lot of stories of dwarves living in the garden and appearing to my relatives,
revealing excerpts of their world.
Camotes Island, is indeed….

My Magical Mystical World