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September 08, 2011

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Not so far to the north of the Cebu province is Danao City. It is a third class city which is known for its homemade guns called “paltik”. It became a city in June 7, 1961. It has 42 barangays and covers a land area of 107.30 km2 (14,253 hectares). It has a population of 116,058 (CY 2011 Projected Pop.).

Every 3rd Monday of the month of September, Danao City celebrates the Feast Day of Sto. Tomas de Villanueva. It also hold its Karansa Festival – where the people will perform the Karansa Dance while waiting for the clay pots to be completely baked. “Karansa” means “to celebrate” and “be merry”.

It was said that the gun industry of Danao City started in the early 1900’s. The gun industry went on and was still underground until in the early 1990’s – where the industry was legalized by the government. With this, it generated to the creation of few organizations of local gunsmiths. Now, this organization is the Workers League of Danao Multi-purpose Cooperative (World MPC), in Dungguan, Danao City.


A Short History

It is said that Danao City got its name during the Spanish Era. A version of this story states that a Spanish Captain by the name of Manuel Aniceto del Rosario was assigned by the early Spanish authorities in the province of Cebu to establish municipalities starting from what is now Danao City towards the northern part of Cebu as far as what is now presently the municipality of Borbon.

When Capt. del Rosario went to the mentioned places to perform his duties, he came upon a few natives who were resting and taking time bathing their carabaos in one of the many lakes in the area. He dismounted from his horse, he took a rest and later had a conversation with the natives. It was said that the captain pointed his forefinger vertically to the ground where they stood and asked the natives the name of the place. The natives then thought that the captain might have been asking about the name of the small lakes where their carabaos were resting. One of the natives then replied: “DANAWAN” which is a Cebuano dialect for a “small lake”. According also to the story –  due to the captain’s defective sense of hearing, he only heard and noted the first two syllables of the response, “DANAW–” or “DA-NAO”. So, that started the early naming of the place as DANAO.



Danao City has a coordinates of 10°31′N 124°02′E.


Danao City is located in the northeastern part of the Cebu province. Danao City is facing the Camotes Islands to the East. It lies in the eastern coast between the municipalities of Carmen – to the North, and Compostela – to the South. It is bounded to the West by the municipalities of Balamban, Asturias and Tuburan.

From Carmen to the north, it is 8.20 km.
From Balamban (via Toledo City), it is 96.0 km.
From Asturias (via Lugo), it is 92.14 km.
From Compostela to the south, it is 7.80 km.
From Cebu City, where the Cebu Provincial Capital is set to kilometer 00.00, Danao city is 33.1 km.

(An aerial view of Danao City at Camotes Sea side)



Danao City, with a 3rd class income classification, has an annual income of Php 391,439,303.00. Its major sources of income are manufacturing, agricultural and cottage industries. Its major products includes corn, bananas, coconut, sugar cane and other fruit trees. Its delicacies includes Tinap-anan, Kasahos and Kiseo.

Manufacturing Establishments

  • Cebu Mitsumi Inc.
    It is the biggest manufacturing establishment in Danao City which is located in barangay Sabang. It is a Japanese firm producing electronic peripherals. This company consists of more than 15,000 personnel and workers. Cebu Mitsumi itself consists of 11 main buildings.

    (An aerial view of Cebu Mitsumi Inc.)
  • Platinum Group Metal Corporation (PGMC)


Commercial Facilities

Below are some of the known commercial facilities and landmarks found in Danao City:

  • Gaisano Danao
  • Prince Warehouse
  • Novo Store
  • Dacoycoy Enterprises
  • Danao City Public Market


Support Facilities

The city has 2 hospital services namely the Danao General Hospital and the Danao City Rescue. Like most cities in the country, Danao City has bank establishments such as Land bank of the Philippines, Allied Bank, ASPAC Rural Bank, Fair Bank and Metrobank.

Power services are provided by the Cebu II Electric Cooperative Inc. (CEBECO). Water supply services are provided by the Danao City Waterworks System. The City also has its own Post Office. Other communication and entertainment means are provided by Danao TelSmart, Globe Telecommunication, Sun Cellular and Danao Cable, Inc.

The Danao City Police Station is located at the heart of Poblacion, fronting the Camotes Sea. The PNP has a traffic division, which enforces the traffic laws in the city.

Sports and Recreational Facilities

  • Danao Civic Center
    It is located at Barangay Poblacion. It has a seating capacity of 2,000. It is a venue for social and cultural presentations as well as other sports events such as basketball and other related indoor ballgames.
  • Ramon M. Durano Memorial Sports Complex
    It is situated at Barangay Sabang at the back of the Cebu Technological University (CTU) Danao Campus. It has a rubberized oval and a grandstand. The sports complex has been home to many events. The Filipino Airsoft held their event in Sept of 2009. It is pretty much like every other sports facility in the country. But its claim to fame is that it is one of the venues for the 2005 SEA Games, specifically the mountain bike events. Fortunately, the Philippines won two golds; one for the men’s downhill category and another for the women’s cross-country (Vietnam and Indonesia bagged the two other golds).

    (Aaron during his running/exercise sessions at the oval)
  • Club Filipino de Cebu
    It is located at Barangays Maslog, Sabang, Sandayong Sur, Tuburan Sur and Looc because it is an 18-hole golf course – which covers 59 hectares. The valley contains lush of greens and refreshing breeze on the rolling and valleys on which the golfers enjoy while playing.
  • Durano-Macapagal Boardwalk
    It is situated along the National Highway in Barangay Poblacion. It has an area of 13,000 square meters. It is in front of the Danao City Police Station and beside the Durano-Macapagal Fish Port. It is described as one of the nicest place to stroll along the seawall. The 24-Million Peso Park was named after the late father of President Gloria Macapagal – Arroyo in recognition of her big contribution to the development of the city. It was also a way of thanking the outgoing president for the numerous projects that her administration has poured into the City of Danao.


Institutional Facilities

Education is necessary for a growing population. It plays a vital role in the future development of the city itself. Danao City itself has its Public Elementary School System consists of 3 districts, namely:

  • Danao City Central District – it comprises of 8 elementary and 3 primary schools
  • Danao City North District – it comprises of 10 elementary and 5 primary schools
  • Danao City South District – it comprises of 7 elementary and 3 primary schools
  • Danao City has 13 National High Schools.
    It has a total of 20 Private Schools; 10 are pre-schools, 3 are elementary schools, and 7 are high schools.
  • It has a total of 5 Tertiary Schools; 1 is a state college, and 4 are private colleges.


Landmarks and Tourist Attractions

Below are some of the known and most visited places in Danao City:

  • Sto. Tomas de Villanueva Parish Church and Convent
    This church was originally built in 1755 by Fr. Manuel de Santa Barbara and was made up of numerous materials including sugar cane and rocks from the sea. Most part of the church was destroyed in 1942 during WWII, though the front of the church remained intact. The building was rebuilt in 1946, and in 1981 it went underwent a major reconstruction.
  • Children’s Paradise
    It is situated in Barangay Poblacion. It has facilities that is being maintained by the city government intended for the kids’ leisure activities




  • City Plaza Rizal
    Also located in Barangay Poblacion. This is an elevated plaza, good for strolling and jogging at dawn.
  • Replica of Mt. Calvary
    It is situated at the hill of Barangay Tuburan Sur. The Grotto of the Blessed Virgin of Lourdes is also situated at the base of the hill.
  • Garden of Gethsemane
    It is situated at Barangay Guinsay, along its churchyard of St. Anthony de Padua Parish Church.
  • Mt. Manghilao
    It is the highest mountain peak of Danao City where a wooden cross stands at its peak. It is ideal for nature lovers and especially the mountain climbers.


Adventure and Eco-Tourism Facilities

  • Danasan Eco-Adventure Park
    If you want to discover your inner adventure, this is the right place you want to put on your travel list. It is located in Barangay Danasan, which is an hour ride from Danao City. The park boasts a 133 hectare of beautiful outdoors. Here you can do hiking, jogging, ride a zipline, enjoy water ski activities, camping and horseback riding. The park itself has 3 caves, a waterfall with 3 astounding jumps, and several freshwater springs. It also has a 110×30 Wake Park Facility, the very first Wake Park in the Visayas.
  • Danao Mangrove Boardwalk Establishment
    It is a component of Mangrove Timberland Development. It is located at Barangay Guinsay, which is about 600 meters seaward from its Barangay Hall. It has an area of approximately 100 hectares. The boardwalk stretches 280 meters from the entrance to northward and crosses at the center of east to west direction that stretches approximately 600 meters to the shoreline to which a proposed cottages for tourist will be established.
  • Danao City Marine Sanctuary
    It is located at Barangay Guinsay up to the boundary of Barangay Taytay, which is at the northern part of Danao City. The sanctuary stretches at approximately 550 meters from Sitio Libon of Barangay Guinsay and Taytay. It has a length of 350 meters seaward.

Accommodation Facilities

If you plan to visit Danao City, here are some of the facilities that will help accommodate your visit:

  • El Salvador Resort
    Km. 30 Cebu North Rd.,
    Sabang, Danao City
    Island of Cebu, Philippines 6004
    Tel Num.: 032-200-3622
    Tel Num.: 032-200-4494




  • Intosan Resort and Restaurant
    Taboc, Danao City
    Tel Num.: 032-516-7394
    Tel Num.: 032-516-7393
    Mobile: +63-917-629-4972
    Mobile: +63-917-723-8857




  • Danao Coco Palm
    Km 31, North National Highway
    Brgy. Sabang Danao City, Cebu
    Tel Num.: 032-514-5767
    Mobile: +63-932-855-4625




  • Sunshine Shin Beach Resort
    Taytay, Danao City
    Tel Num.: 032-200-4170
    Mobile: +63-918-637-8503




  • Living Spaces Lodging House – Guinsay, Danao City
  • Quarry Beach Resort – Looc, Danao City