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September 08, 2011

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Badian Island

"Delightful Craving for Nature"

Badian Island's Top View
The Badian Island

Sunset over badian island, off the southwestern coast of cebu island

Bird’s Eye – View of the Badian Island

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Humbly Badian

One of the nature's ally in the preservation of its natural wonders, especially here in Cebu is the municipality of Badian.

Badian is a 3rd class municipality on the southwestern coast of the province of Cebu, Philippines. According to the 2007 census, it has a population of 35,876 people.


Geographical Location





It is bounded on the:

  • North
  • East
  • West
-Tañon Strait
  • South

Badian Information

      It has a total land area of 107 square kilometers and is politically subdivided into 29 barangays. The town is situated 97.6 kilometers southwest of Cebu City. The capital barangay of Badian town is Poblacion. It is located basically in the center of the town. This is where the local high school is located called Badian National High School (BNHS)is one of the two high schools in the town of Badian. This is also the largest of the two and many students from the neighboring town just like Moalboal, Alcantara and Ronda come to study in this high school.



      The lower educational facility in Badian is the Badian Central Elementary School where basically all the younger children go to school for the simple fact that it is completely free and the only elementary school and the biggest one in town. One more very important institution that is located in Poblacion is the Town Hospital where everyone from every other barangay goes to in the time of sickness. The facility has been better than the past management they have more improvements to the hospitals than anything else which is the best thing they could have done because this is where most Badianganons run to in the time of need. 


Why is the island named Badian?

      This southern town got its name from a plant called, “badyang”, which was once abundant in the area. However, the Spaniards found it difficult to pronounce the name so eventually the “g” was dropped and the “y” was changed to “i” and the town came to be known as Badian, a generally mountainous and hilly area where locals and tourists go around in jeepneys and tricycles.



Culture and Heritage

Badian Church
Formerly known as “Badyang Church”





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Badian Church
Badian Church Altar

Badian Church

      Badian was separated as a parish from Barili in 1825 under the advocacy of Santiago de Apostol. Its church is unique compared to the others in the island province with its squat and unusual porticoes facade with four quadrilateral columns supporting a triangular pediment. Simple floral bas reliefs decorate these and four jar shaped finials are found at each corner.      


      The original belfry, now built at its side, used to sit atop the pediment but was taken down in 1990 upon the advice of NHI to ease pressure on the two free columns. The church still has its original and beautiful wooden retablo.    





Badian Church, Badian, Cebu, Philippines













Badian Assets







Zaragosa Fish Sanctuary

Municipality of Badian, Province of Cebu

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Zaragosa Fish Sanctuary Zaragosa Fish Sanctuary Zaragosa Fish Sanctuary

Zaragosa Fish Sanctuary




      The Zaragosa Fish Sanctuary is situated on the southwestern side of Cebu Province. The sanctuary is approximately 9.7 hectare. This protected area was declared in 1987. It was established by the Central Visayas Regional Project (CVRP) in 1987 by virtue of Municipal Ordinance 01-1987. It is managed by the Zaragosa-Badian Island Multi-Purpose Cooperative. They aspire to make the sanctuary a prime tourist destination in Badian. Other laws that cover the protection of this area are Municipal Ordinance 01-1989, Municipal Ordinance 09-2003, and Presidential Proclamation No. 1234 declaring the Tañon Strait Protected Seascape. 
The management of this fish sanctuary is given to the Zaragosa-Badian Island Multipurpose Cooperative consisting of local people in the area within its vicinity. Over the years, coastal resource management initiatives have been provided by several groups such as the local government of the Municipality of Badian, the Tambuyog Development Center (non-government organization), and the Coastal Conservation and Education Foundation, Inc. Currently the Zaragosa-Badian Island Multipurpose Cooperative manages the user fees that are the sanctuary’s income. These fees help with the management costs and operations. 
The threats that the community perceives to their fishery resources are mainly commercial fishing intrusion and illegal and destructive fishing practices not only by the local fisher folks near the area but also the foreign people who, at not so obvious times, intrudes the area for their personal benefits. The habitats and ecosystems being protected within the marine protected area of Zaragosa Fish Sanctuary are: 
  • coral reefs (fringing reefs interspersed with mostly branching and massive corals)
  • a rocky intertidal area
  • sandy




Badian Island Resort and Spa





      Badian boasts of breathtaking beaches, most famous of which is the Badian Island Resort and Spa. The resort has sandy beaches, a natural spa and dive center that is equipped with the best dive equipment. Instructors are around to help beginners, as well as experienced divers explore the colorful marine life in the area.

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Badian Island Resort and Spa

Badian Island Resort & Spa

Room information:

Badian Island Resort and Spa has a full-service spa featuring massage/treatment rooms, facials, body treatments, and beauty services.

Area information:

Cebu Airport (CEBU) Approximate distance to Badian Island Resort and Spa is 100 km (62 miles).

Contact Information:

Telephone:  +(63)(032) 4751103

Yoga, Health and Wellness Experience

Yoga Health and Wellness Package presented to you by Ming's World Travel and Tours in cooperation with Badian Island Resort and Spa.

Agua Azul Beach Resort

     Agua Azul Beach Resort, Badian, Cebu, Philippines. Beach house for rent or for sale. Entire lot. 1800 sq. meters, 5 rooms, 5 toilet and bath, all rooms are fully air-conditioned, pool and jacuzzi. House is fully furnished. Beach front. 2 kitchens. Large playroom or game rpom Table tennis, billard, videoke, etc. 3 hours south of Cebu. Contact for more details. Can house up to 20 person.






Natural Wonders


Kawasan Falls





      Another must-see in Badian is the majestic Kawasan Falls, one of many waterfalls that make up the Matutinao River System, which stretches 18.35 kilometers from the Municipality of Alegria to the mouth in the Strait. Its source of fresh water comes from a large underground reservoir that emerges to the Kabokalan Springs. The river system, composed of springs, streams, and waterfalls, has been awarded several times in the past years as the Cleanest and Greenest River in the Philippines. In 2003, it earned the Hall of Fame Award for the rivers category.


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Kawasan Falls

Upon arrival at Kawasan Falls, climbers may spend some time to rest their muscles and cook meals while resting before taking a dip in the cool waters. Kawasan Falls is a magnificent three-level cascade of clear spring water in Matutinao, Badian around 100 kilometers from Cebu City. The main source of the Kawasan Falls or level 3 is the first stop for climbers following the itinerary below. Level 3 is also the third water source for climbers. Cottages, rest houses, souvenir stalls, and restaurants are available mainly at levels 1 and 2. Bamboo rafts are also available for a fee. Kawasan Falls is a good venue for family and group picnics, besides a dive-and-swim in the water. The area is thickly covered with trees and plants. The Kawasan nature's park is the entry point to the river system, the Kawasan Falls and the Kabokalan Springs, which is approximately a two-kilometer uphill walk toward the Matutinao River Canyon. Different kinds of flora and fauna along the river canyon give visitors the feeling of slowly entering the forest.

Osmeña Peak

      Among the Mantalongon Ranges, the Osmeña Peak is the highest peak among the Mantalongon range. Practically cutting across the island of Cebu west part, one can do the trekking across the mountain ranges. The mountain ranges stretches as far as Badian. Osmeña Peak is situated in Mantalongon, Dalaguete also known as the "Vegetable Basket" of Cebu or "Little Baguio" because of the vast vegetable farms in the area. The mountain is actually a series of rugged peaks that have been compared with the Chocolate Hills of Bohol because of its interesting formations. Osmeña Peak is considered the highest peak in the province of Cebu. The peak was named after the Osmeña family, an influential political clan in the province. Osmeña Peak is accessible all year round, but to avoid the hassle of rain and slippery pathways, it is best to climb the peak within the first half of the year. THE TRAIL to Osmeña Peak Starting from Mantalongon Market, a rough barangay road – about 1 hour to 2 hours hike – leads to the foot of Osmeña Peak. Climbers have the option to either walk or ride a "habal-habal". From the foot, the summit is around half an hour away. A water source is located along the trail to the summit. It is advisable to fetch as much water and carry it along towards the campsite or peak.

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Kawasan Falls

      The neighboring mountain ranges of Osmeña Peak are mostly pointed and rocky, the very trade mark of the area. Some of the mountains don't have very sharp peaks and, hence, resemble Bohol's Chocolate Hills. These peaks can be likened to Bohol's native delicacy, Peanut Kisses, though. The area is somewhat bare to thinly forested because the locals are farming most of the lands. The peak area is privately owned and has been fenced. A lot keeper collects Php20 from each climber that enters the area. At the peak, one can have a 360-degree view of Cebu South [more on the southwest side] plus a sneak peek of Negros. It is not advisable to set camp at the peak and campsites are normally established a few meters down the peak. Several climbers have their own versions of ghost encounters. Years back, there were also incidents of campsite theft and robbery. However, through the efforts of the local government, the suspected thief/thieves were seized and Osmeña Peak is a relatively safer campsite once again. Barangay Tanods also patrol the area for added safety. Still, climbers are advised to be always vigilant and on-the-watch. Socials and camp gatherings at the campsite are perked up by these ghost and robbery story-telling sessions. And when feasible, climbers may do night trek up the peak to socialize there.

Matutinao River

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Matutinao River
Matutinao River
Matutinao River

Matutinao River

"Do you want to see for yourself one of the Coolest Sensation for natural wonders in Badian?"

-Hop into the Matutinao River-






      Matutinao River is where the famous Kawasan Falls of Badian, Cebu lies. It is your companion during the 30-minute luxurious trek from the main road to the waterfalls. I say "luxurious" because one doesn't need to know rapelling, climing or any of those stuff to reach the waterfall. One can walk as he looks around to appreciate the green. I do not recommend this to those who are up for a more challenging adventure.





      This one more tourist-friendly. Locals have built bridges and large trails with a reasonable entrance fee of 10 Philippine Pesos. Sadly, as we go closer to the main waterfall, more food stalls color the area making Kawasan more commercialized thaCoca-cola-marked wooden table would cost 200 pesos. Food is also expensive. I'd rather have mine home-cooked and packed for the trip. As a nature-lover, I can only suggest that store-owners paint their stores brown (as in the color of the woods) to make them look natural than eyesores.







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Cebu South Bus Terminal Cebu South Bus Terminal

Cebu South Bus Terminal

Getting There?







Buses (aircon)


(Cebu South Bus Terminal)





(Cebu South Bus Terminal)



Mini Buses


(Cebu South Bus Terminal)


*Fares vary depending on the destination point.

Be one of the people who have enjoyed the company of the Badianganons. Be there. Be Aware of the many splendid things you'll discover in Badian Island.

"Ali na Bai!"

Badian Island, Cebu, Philippines

Map of Cebu showing the location of Badian Municipality

Barangays in the Municipality of Badian

Badian Municipality is administratively subdivided into 29 Barangays.

  • Alawijao

  • Ginablan

  • Sulsugan

  • Balhaan

  • Lambug

  • Talayong

  • Banhigan

  • Malbago

  • Taytay

  • Basak

  • Malhiao

  • Tigbao

  • Basiao

  • Manduyong

  • Tiguib

  • Bato

  • Matutinao

  • Tubod

  • Bugas

  • Patong

  • Zaragosa

  • Calangcang

  • Poblacion


  • Candiis

  • Sanlagan


  • Dagatan

  • Santicon


  • Dobdob

  • Sohoton