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September 08, 2011

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Loboc River Cruise


How about a cruise along the river wilds of Loboc,
eat a sumptuous native lunch in a floating restaurant,
while being serenaded by a singing chorus?

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The Loboc Cruises are normally run by cooperative of family businesses.. The musical town of Loboc is noted for the musicale talent of it's people. They are known to be born with a musicale instrument. That is, …the kids learn to play, a musicale instrument at a very early age. The town's choir had won the national chorale competition for the past three years. They are composed of kids form 7 – 11 yrs. old, and they have been doing an international tour in Europe and the US.. Loboc is also known to have the longest Christmas. Their Christmas starts from Dec.16 to Feb. 3, ending during the "Feast of the Candles".