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September 08, 2011

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Camotes Shipping Schedule


Shipping Company Destination Departure No. of Hours Travel Frequency of Travel Fare

Super Shuttle Ferry


Danao – Consuelo 6:30AM 1:30hr Daily Php180


Consuelo – Danao 10:00AM 1:30hr Daily

Danao – Poro 1:00PM 3 hrs Daily
Poro – Danao 5:00PM 3 hrs Daily

Jomalia Shipping Corporation


Danao – Consuelo 5:30AM 2 hrs Daily Aircon = Php200

Non-Aircon = Php180

Danao – Consuelo 8:30AM 2 hrs Daily
Danao – Consuelo 12:00NN 2 hrs Daily
Danao – Consuelo 5:30PM 2 hrs Daily

Consuelo – Danao 5:30AM 3 hrs Daily
Consuelo – Danao 9:00AM 3 hrs Daily
Consuelo – Danao 2:00PM 3 hrs Daily
Consuelo – Danao 4:00PM 3 hrs Daily

Ocean Jet
(Golden Express)
Pier 1 – Poro 5:30 PM 2 hrs Daily Php350
Poro – Pier 1 6:00 AM 2 hrs Daily

Ave Maria 5M Ouano – Poro 5:30 AM 3 hrs Daily Php200
Poro – Ouano 11:00 AM 3 hrs Daily

E.B. Aznar Shipping Corporation

(MELRIVIC 3 & 10)

Pier 1 – Poro 9:00 PM 4 hrs MWF

Economy = Php255

Aircon = Php300

Poro – Pier 1 1:00 AM 4 hrs TTH & Sun

VG Shipping Lines

Poro – Cebu

2:00 PM

3 hrs


sitting = Php200

sleeping = Php240

with Aircon = Php260

Cebu – Poro

10:00 PM

3 hrs




Multicab rental -Php 4500

Note:Please contact the following shipping companies for more information
       because schedules are subject to changes without prior notice.


SUPER SHUTTLE FERRY Address: #38 Gorordo Avenue, Cebu City 6000
Office Hotline: (032) 232-3150, (032) 231-0639,
  (032) 234-4121,(032) 345-5581
Fax: (032) 233-5733, (032) 345-5583

E.B. Aznar Shipping
Address: #38 Gorordo Avenue, Cebu City 6000
Booking Office: 234-4628
Operations: 234-4625
Accounting: 234-4629

Ocean Fast Ferries, Inc. Address:

Pier 1, Cebu Pier Area, Cebu City

Office Hotline: +63-32-2557560

VG Shipping Lines

Address: CPG Ave., Poblacion, Talibon
Office Hotline:

(038) 516-1021
(038) 515-0294
(032) 416-6226 – Cebu

Ave Maria 5M





How to get to Camotes Island, Cebu?



Camotes Island, how to get there….

There are many ways to get to Camotes island and I have shown you just one of the ways to get there. I currently showed you Ocean Jet since at that time, it was convenient for me although this is my least favorite vessel.

They used to have a wonderful service, clean and fast, but through the years it deteriorated.
The vessel became dirty that I could literally see rats pacing on the floor. I didn't feel the air condition at all which was supposedly on, so it's was a hot grueling uncomfortable ride. For a time, their schedule was irregular and didn't really know if they sailed that day as scheduled or not. As more boats sailed to camotes island, their services did improve and they are back on track again on a regular schedule now.

My favorite ride is taking Jomalia tourist class, a roro
and it's a good comfortable 2 hour ride from Danao City.

I also prefer to be longer in land than at sea, at least I feel safer.
They have a service bus that picks up passengers at SM shoemart
and they take you all the way to the port of Danao.

Here you land in Consuelo port instead of Poro.

A second best alternative would be the Super Shuttle Ferry, which has similar traits to Jomalia,
but not as comfortable.

If you dont catch these 2 roros, there's Ave Maria, which also leaves from Danao City.
This is an outrigger boat can take up to 200 passengers more or less.
The ride usually last you 3.5 to 4 hours ride to Camotes Island.

The seats are not that comfortable and better bring a raincoat in case you get soaked by the splash of the waves,
not to mention you might be boarding with pigs, and sitting with roosters or hen, and people next to you retching from motion sickness.

The ride for sure will be an unforgettable experience.

There are other rides to Camotes Island from Cebu City called the Melveric
which is a real comfortable ride on a huge vessel.

Just bring a sweater or a blanket in case of full blast airconditioning.
You can take a comfortable 4 hour nap until you get to Poro.

I can only share what I have experienced. Wishing you a happy trip and stay in camotes.

Take care and be safe. Bon Voyage!