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May 26, 2011

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cebu, camotes island,bohol, lake sebu, philippinescebu, camotes island, lake sebu, bohol,philippines

Camotes Island | Cebu | Bohol
Lake Sebu | Davao|

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Cebu Links:

Cebu City Philippines Cashflow 101 Board Game Club & Passive Income Generation Workshops. Learn do and teach what you didn't learn in school about money and how to get and stay rich. Passive income for the poor, middle class, and rich from income producing assets. Goodbye Job!

Wa'y Blima!
which is pronounced why blimma ,
is the premier web portal to Cebu for Cebuanos and visitors alike.

Learn Cebuano

cebu on wheels

What's On?
a local newsletter about the expatriate/tourist scene
in the Philippines

Southwestern University Musem
A glimpse of Cebuano Arts, Culture , and History

A directory of the local cottage industries of Cebu


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