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September 08, 2011

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Bantayan Island

"Leisure Spot Quenching"

The BantayanIsland
The BantayanIsland
The BantayanIsland

Beach Resort located in
Bantayan Island, Cebu

Bantayan Island, Cebu

Map of Bantayan Island

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" Modestly Bantayan "

"The Shining Tropical paradise in Asia"
"The Island Paradise of the Philippines"

The Bantayan Island

      Bantayan is located at the western portion of the northern most tip of the Cebu mainland. This is just a small municipality and is composed of three municipalities, namely:

  • Bantayan
  • Santa Fe
  • Madridejos

       These are the three municipalities of the Bantayan Island Philippines and as of the 2000 census and had a total population of 120,101. It is politically part of the Province of Cebu. The island is considered by many as a tropical paradise this side of the Philippines. The beaches of the islands are known for the fine white sand beaches and the beaches of the islands are known too for the crystal clear and blue waters. The island is postcard pretty semi-secret island and still largely un-developed. Most of its natural wonders are focused on the beaches, which are considered as one of the best in then regions if not in the country. Corporate and big hotels are just starting to notice and there are a few large hotels in the area. 

      For the visitors of the island, they can expect cottages and rooms that are priced from $5USD to $40 USD (P210-P1,680) per night and the cost of the rooms and the cottages can get as high as $100++ (P4200 plus)for the area in the South Sea studio villa and if visitors may want to pamper themselves then the honeymoon styled villa on a gorgeous property will be the choice and rooms and cottages here may go up to $240 USD. Simply put, the island has something for everyone with differing budget. 

Geographical Location

It is bounded on the:

  • North
-Municipality of Madridejos
  • East
  • West
  • South
-Municipality of Sta. Fe

Bantayan Information

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The BantayanIsland - Poultry Farm
he BantayanIsland - Poultry Farm

Bantayan Island's Poultry Industry


      Bantayan is one of the well-known tourist destinations in the country. Aside from having one of the oldest churches in the Visayas and Mindanao, it is also known for its white sand beaches and crystal waters. Beach resorts like the island’s shores and offer a mixture of local and international cuisine. Vast arrays of seafood and also served in most restaurants in the area. Varieties of dried fish, locally known as buwad, also abound in the island and are a favorite pasalubong for local and foreign tourists. The island is also known as the “Egg Basket of the Visayas” and can produce more than 100 tons of eggs per day to supply the growing demand for eggs in mainland Cebu, Negros, Panay, and Leyte.

      Although foreign and local tourists frequent the island for a much needed vacation, Bantayan particularly comes alive during the Easter Season and has been dubbed as the “Lenten Capital of the Visayas”. People from all over the country visit Bantayan during the holy Week to witness the processions that feature the life-size images that depict the passion and death of Jesus Christ.


Bantayan Island as a Fishing and Farming Community

hTe BantayanIsland - Fishing Industry
The BantayanIsland - Fishing Industry

Bantayan Island's Crabs and Fishing Industry


      The people who come to Bantayan Island are not that aware that the Island has a very large fishing and farming industry.

      Bantayan Island is not only known as the “Egg Basket” of Cebu rather the "Egg Basket of the Visayas". Some estimates are that the Island of Bantayan supplies as much as 200,000 pounds of eggs, or over 500,000 eggs per day, to the people of Cebu. Large truckloads of pigs make their way to market every week by way of the ferry transports from Santa Fe port to Hagnaya port on the big island of Cebu.

      Amazingly, Bantayan Island is the largest producer of fresh crab anywhere in the Philippines. One of the major sources of income for the people of the island is from the fishing trade. Large quantities of fish are found off shore from Bantayan Island that come from the rich sea life of the China sea. In recent years the fish have not been as plentiful for the poor fishermen of Bantayan Island. Families have found it increasingly more difficult each year to provide adequate food due to the decrease in their catch.


How the Bantayan Island got its name?

BANTAYAN as the name implies has a very fascinating record as an island group.

     During the Spanish regime (the time of Governor Sebastian Hurtado de Corcuera between 1635 – 1644), the Visayas were continually harassed by the Moros. Consequently, tall stone walls and watchtowers were built in the different parts of the archipelago, for refuge and protection of the people from the moro aggression. The tall walls surround the convent and the church including half of the area where the Public Plaza now is. The forts or watchtowers were built all over the island to serve as lookouts for invading Moros from Mindanao. These forts were then called “Bantayan sa Hari” or the watchtowers of the king of Spain.

     In the course of their vigil after the moros, it became the common expression for them to say, BANTAYAN! BANTAYAN!, meaning, "KEEP WATCH! KEEP WATCH! , and that was how this island-group got its name. Locals then began to call their place as such. However, saying the complete phrase was not favored at that time that the place came to be known as Bantayan. The presence of the relics of those watchtowers till today, attest to the well-fitting name BANTAYAN.

     There are no dates to fix the time when the first people came to Bantayan, nor do we know of their places of origin. NO conscious records of their doings were left us to arrive at amuch certain conclusion. Some said, they can be traced back to Panay, others believed that the bulk of them were of cebuano origin, and still others say, they came from Leyte and Bohol.

     However, there are indications that there existed some connections between Bantayan and the aforementioned places are the mixed dialects spoken by the people, the family names of the prominent old inhabitants, and their ancient culture such as cloth weaving, dances and architecture. As to family names, the Rubios, the Arcenaces, and the Alvarezes, can be traced back to Panay, the Rodriquezes, the Ancajases, the Mansuetos and the Villacrusises to Cebu, the Villacins, The Villaflors, the Ortegas, and the Carabios to Leyte, the Hubahibs, the Garcias, the Caquilalas to Bohol. The majority of the old inhabitants, however, agree that they are a mixture of all these, a product of different blood and cultures.

"Culture and Heritage"

Bantayan Church

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Bantayan Church - Oldest Church in Cebu
Bantayan Church - Oldest Church in Cebu

Bantayan Church
" The Oldest Curch in Cebu"



     The Church of Bantayan is located at Bantayan, Cebu. This church is offered to Nuestra Señora de la Asuncion and it was founded by the Augustinian priests on June 11, 1580. After it was built, St. Peter became the patron saint. On the year 1600, it was destroyed by fire and it was rebuilt on that same year.

     The current Church of Bantayan was constructed in 1839 and was completed in 1863. It is considered as one of the oldest church in the country with walls made of corral stones. Inside the church, you can see centuries old life size statue of saints. It also has a belfry with resonant bells that can be heard miles away.

     Badian was separated as a parish from Barili in 1825 under the advocacy of Santiago de Apostol. Its church is unique compared to the others in the island province with its squat and unusual porticoes facade with four quadrilateral columns supporting a triangular pediment. Simple floral bas reliefs decorate these and four jar shaped finials are found at each corner. The original belfry, now built at its side, used to sit atop the pediment but was taken down in 1990 upon the advice of NHI to ease pressure on the two free columns. The church still has its original and beautiful wooden retablo.

"Bantayan Assets"

Ogtong Cave Resort   

     This Bantayan jewel has made its mark in the country and invites you to experience its unique way of life.

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Santa Fe Beach Club

Santa Fe Beach Club

    For the more discriminating traveler, however, the evocative appeal of Ogtong Cave Resort awaits them. You can choose from cottages and rooms available, ranging from cozy fan cooled to air conditioned comfort. This eight-year-old resort also offers individual cottages set in carefully tended gardens with the scenic nature views beckoning them for a dip or a dive.

     If you’re a nature lover, the moment you step into this paradise, greeting of nature welcomes you — sights and sounds of chirping birds in their environment. Like these feathery little friends who always return to find their nesting places atop Ogtong’s trees, guests also love to come back to this sanctuary to rejuvenate them or to spend time with family and friends for a unique island escapade.


Ogtong Cave

Ogtong Cave

    The "Ogtong cave" derived its name from the original and historical name of the municipality which is now being called as "Santa Fe". The cave is located at barangay Pooc around 4 km from the poblacion of Santa Fe, Cebu. This cave is right at the heart of a resort owned by the Holaysan’s family. The Ogtong Cave & Beach Resort is one of the two resorts under the management of the Sta. Fe Beach Club which is the pioneering resort in the whole Bantayan Island way back in the 1980’s.

    You can laze by the pool, or even experience the adventure of a lifetime learning to scuba dive in their newly opened Korean diving school. As the name suggests, Ogtong Cave Resort offers travellers a cool clear water swim in the cave to which it had taken its name. With a constant flow of refreshing and delightful finish to a warm and salty dip in the sea.

    Domestic and foreign vacationers love to stay at Ogtong not just because of the clear seas and fine accommodations but also of the hospitable staff who combines the natural Filipino welcome with the sophisticated pampering that tourists expect. 

Contact Information:

Address    : Sta. Fe Bantayan Island, Cebu
Phone       : (032) 4380165
Mobile       : 09208999456

Budyong Beach Resort   



Budyong Beach Resort
Budyong Beach Resort

Budyong Beach Resort
Santa Fe Bantayan Island

   Budyong Beach Resort is simply the perfect place where you, your family and your friends can take a break and leave for a while the busy daily routine of your life. You can spend your night at our affordable rooms. Dine in our restaurant. ENJOY our beautiful beach.



    Budyong Beach Resort is located at Santa Fe on Bantayan Island, an easy 2-hour drive on a good highway from Cebu City followed by a 45-minute air-conditioned ferry ride from Hagnaya.     They can also arrange for private transportation from Cebu to Hagnaya and for a more personal boat ride directly to our resort from Hagnaya.


Airconditioned rooms
Fan Rooms
    Beach Front 2     P1,500.00     Bungalow 2     P 500.00
    Second Line 2     P1,300.00     Bungalow 3     P 750.00
    Beach Front 4     P1,700.00     Bungalow 4      P1,000.00
    Second Line 4     P1,500.00      
    Second Line 6     P2,200.00      
    -All units are close to the beach-

Contact Information:

Address    : Sta. Fe Bantayan Island, Cebu
Phone       : (6332) 438-5700
Mobile       : (0921) 314-5275

E-mail       :


Kota Beach Resort

    Kota Beach Resort is another picturesque resort at Santa Fe. It is dramatically situated where the coastline makes a gentle bend, creating the impression of being secluded away from the rest of the pack and it is owned by the Hubahib’s family. Aside from the basic services offered by Kota Beach Resort, such as free pick-up from Sta. Fe Port, one can make arrangements for boating and kayaking, as well as massage or reflexology services.

Kota Beach Resort
Kota Beach Resort

Kota Beach Resort
Santa Fe Bantayan Island


    The resort’s beach front occasionally changes from time to time because the tide and water current is relatively stronger in this part of the island. There is a sandbar that traps seawater forming a crystal clear lagoon half of the year.


    Loreto Mangubat was the builder of the Kota. He was the grandson of Lapulapu, the Cebuano hero. At the age of 13, he was brought to Spain for training. In 1873, when he was 50 years old he went to the municipality of Madredijos which was previously called Lawis. He was then the arm-bearer of Spain and he was called the captain. He arrived in town on St. Lazaro’s Day, so his name was changed into Lazaro. He got married to Lucia Maru, a native of Madredijos.

    In 1880, the Kota was built by force labor working every Saturdays and Sundays. Those inhabitants who will not report for work in the construction of the Kota will received a punishment of 25 whippings and one day imprisonment.


    The Kota served as a fort for the coming of the Moros. Whenever there is an eminent attack of Moros boarding with their vinta, the people in town will be alerted by a sound signal using budyongor hermit shell. The late Mr. Isidro Mancio was once the watchman where he used to blow the budyong to warn the people of the incoming Moro raids. 

    The engineering skills of the town’s folk during the Spanish period prove the greatness of our dear forefathers wherein the edifice stands intact. 

  • Standard Room (Non-aircon)       – PhP 770
  • Non-aircon Cottage with Fan     - PhP 1079
  • Aircon Room Double (for 2)        - PhP 1260; No extra person allowed
  • Economy Row House Aircon      - PhP 1,300
  • Aircon Deluxe Cottage               - PhP 1,560
  • Amihan Room Aircon                  – PhP 1,560
  • Penthouse Room Aircon            – PhP 1,560
  • Superior Cottage Beachfront    – PhP 1,700

*All rooms (except for Aircon Room Double) are good for 3 persons with 1 single bed and 1 double bed. Maximum of 2 extra persons are allowed per room withPhP 200/person extra charge (mattresses will be provided)

*All rates include free roundtrip transfers from Santa Fe pier to Kota Resort and back.
*Holy Week Rates are double the regular rates.
*All rates are subject to change without prior notice.

Contact Information:

Address    : Sta. Fe Bantayan Island, Cebu
Phone       : +63.2.6647266      (Manila PLDT)
                   +63.32.410-7069    (Cebu Globelines)
Mobile      : +63917-626-2242  (GlobeCell)          
E-mail        :




"Natural Wonders"

Tiyaba Cave

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Tiyaba Cave

Tiyaba Cave

     Usually a middle class pleasure traveler after a hectic time in the workplace is confronted with such questions as "where will I go this summer"? , "to my favorite haunts"? , keep in mind Bantayan Island.
TIYABA CAVE OR CAVERN – Familiarly known as "langob", it is located near the central part of Bantayan Island in Barangay Atop-Atop. Its entrance is step down under the earth.

     It is not only a bat cave but also a source of water in the neighborhood. Underneath is running stream water, clear and placid, where people fetch water to drink or wash their clothes. The water itself is far from pollution as it runs eastward where the bat chamber is located. Small chambers of different forms are found inside this cave.

     It is hard to imagine just how this cave was formed, but most likely it was formed by the steady pounding of waves on the rocky cliffs along the shore. During the war years (World War II) it was the favorite hangout of the "voluntario". A voluntario refers to a Filipino voluntarily submits himself to be part of the armed forces who combats the foreign colonizers. Just about two decades ago, human skulls and rotten pieces of coffins were still found on its walls. The Tiyaba Cave is well known as the "langob" close to HOTEL in Bantayan Island, it is located close to the center of Bantayan Island of Cebu in Atop-Atop where HOTEL is located. Its admission is step down under the earth where HOTEL is located. It is not simply a bat cave but plus a source of fill with tears in the area where HOTEL is located. Underneath is a running flow fill with tears, translucent and serene which is close to HOTEL in Bantayan Island, somewhere group fetch fill with tears to drink or wash their clothes.

     The fill with tears itself is far from pollution as it runs eastward somewhere the bat chamber is located nearby HOTEL in Bantayan Island. Little chambers of altered forms are found inside this cave close to HOTEL in Bantayan Island. It is challenging to imagine merely how this cave was formed, but the majority likely it was formed by the steady pounding of waves on the rocky cliffs along the shoreline where HOTEL is located. During the war years (World War II) it was the favorite hangout of the "voluntario" says HOTEL neighborhood in Bantayan Island.

Juagat Cave

Juagat Cave

Juagat Cave


     "Juagat Cave" is a mysterious cave on the northern part of Barrio Sillon, Bantayan Island. It used to be a famous enchanted place. Legend has it, that this is the place of anchorage of elegant frigates, of ropes made of silk, of Capitan Tawi of this island, which brought merchandise to and from Cebu, many years ago. Being at the end of a canal indenting into the land, people said, the frigate was very conspicuous even at a distance as it glides along the canal to Juagat. Although, Juagat is no longer popular now as it was in the past, the fossilized table and table wares bear witness of what used to happen there in the past.

     It was believed that during World War II, this cave was use as hangout of Filipino soldiers who volunteered to fight against their enemies where human skulls and rotten pieces of coffins were once found in the entrance of the cave as per recollection by Mr. Simplicio Almohallas a resident of sitio Juagat now sitio Pooc, Sillon, Bantayan, Cebu.

     According to Mr. dela Peña who was born in 1938, this enchanted cave was called the mini chapel of the goddess where residents in Sillon borrowed plates and nuptial costumes for a wedding occasion.

     In 2002, Ms. Edith Estrada with her three companions Ms. Maxima Almohallas, Barbara Villaceran, and Rosalie Apawan happened to excavate human bones at sitio Pooc while they are digging sands for their housing construction. The said human bones were used to be the remains of the past generations considering that the bones have a longer length and bigger in shapes compared to the present time.




Getting There?




     Bantayan Island is accessible by air, land and sea. There are daily trips by bus and vehicles for hire at the North terminal in Cebu city to Hagnaya and from there; one can take a ferry to Sta. Fe. There is also a night ferry from Cebu City to Bantayan island everyday except Mondays and there are also regular, as well as Chartered flights from Mactan Cebu International Airport (MCIA) to Bantayan.

Mode and Schedule of Transportation

By Land:
(From Cebu City to Hagnaya)



Air-conditioned and regular buses

Transport Station    : Cebu North Bus Terminal
Departure Time       : 4:00 AM and every 30 minute until 3:00 PM daily

V-hire: for every 45 minute


By Sea:
(From Cebu City to Hagnaya)


(Departure Time)
(Departure Time-Arrival Time)
Santa Fe to Hagnaya
Hagnaya to Santa Fe
Santa Fe to Hagnaya
Hagnaya to Santa Fe
        6:00 A.M.         7:00 A.M.   5:00 A.M.- 6:00 A.M.   5:00 A.M.- 6:00 A.M.
        8:30 A.M.         8:00 A.M.   7:30 A.M.- 8:30 A.M.   6:30 A.M.- 7:30 A.M.
        10:30 A.M.         10:30 A.M.   9:30 A.M.- 10:30 A.M.   9:30 A.M.- 10:30 A.M.
        12:30 P.M.         12:30 P.M.   11:30 A.M.- 12:30 A.M.   11:00A.M.- 12:00 NN
        2:30 P.M.         2:30 P.M.   1:30 P.M.- 2:30 A.M.   1:30 P.M. -2:30 P.M.
        4:30 P.M.         4:30 P.M.   3:30 P.M.- 4:30 A.M.   3:30 P.M.- 4:30 P.M.
      5:00 P.M.- 6:00 P.M.   6:00 P.M.- 7:00 P.M.

For more information pls. contact:
Hagnaya Ticket Booth tel. no. :
09195251388 (Benjie Capuras)

Sta. Fe Ticket Booth tel. no.    :
09187047196 (Apollo Mayol)

For more information pls. call at:
Hagnaya Ticket Booth tel. no. :  4352078
Sta. Fe Ticket Booth tel. no.    :  438-0080


Cebu Office Nos.                      :  416-6883 / 

Have your nice vacation at the Bantayan Island.

Be amazed and witness how the Bantayanons welcome their visitors.


Bantayan Island Tourism Video





Bantayan, Bantayan Island
Santa Fe, Bantayan Island
Madridejos, Bantayan Island

Location of Bantayan,
Bantayan Island

Location of Santa Fe,
Bantayan Island

Location of Madridejos,
Bantayan Island

“Adto na ta!”

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Map of Cebu showing the location of Municipality of Bantayan

Barangays in the Municipality of Bantayan




Bantayan Municipality is administratively subdivided into
29 Barangays.


  • Atop-Atop
  • Hilotongan
  • Patao
  • Baigad
  • Kabac
  • Putian
  • Bantigue
  • Kabangbang
  • Sillon
  • Baod
  • Kampingganon
  • Suba
  • Binaobao
  • Kangkaibe
  • Sungko
  • Botigues
  • Lipayran
  • Sulangan
  • Doong
  • Luyongbaybay
  • Tamiao
  • Guiwanon
  • Mojon
  • Ticad
  • Oboob