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September 08, 2011

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Your great green adventure starts here.






The Bojo River Village Tour  

Experience a slice of authentic cebuano culture in Bojo, a village two kilometers from the town center.  Local fishermen and their families are protecting the Bojo River Nature Reserve, which includes the 1.4 kilometer-long Bojo River and its riparian zone–home to about 61 bird species and remarkable  native flora. Local guides will paddle you down the river in a traditional baroto,while they interpret the rivers rich natural and cultural heritage. If you want to trek, a 400-meter long boardwalk cutting across a mangrove forest and a 150-step natural trail carved on a hillside will bring you to a gazebo overlooking the river landscape. Your journey  includes an orientation and a short lecture onmangroves and wildlife, an ancient send-off ritual performed by the village medicine man, a  mat-weaving demonstration and a buffet-lunch. The comnunity also runs bird-watching tours and a stages a special cultural performance upon request with the river surroundings providing a stunning backdrop. The tour is organized by the Bojo Aloguinsan Ecotourism Association(BAETAS).


Green Culinary Adventure at The Farmhouse in Aloguinsan

Your pursuit to good health and sustainable living starts here. At the Farmhouse in Aloguinsan,natural farming principles have been enthusiastically adopted by the group of local farmers who are committed to producing food organically.   The restaurant showcases traditional cooking using locally grown ingredients but drawing on the influences of Spain and China.  The result is a culinary experience of Spain and China.  The result is a culinary experience that is exciting, flavorful and trend-setting. 

Your tour includes a walk-around the vegetable farm, the livestock area, the chicken coop,the vermiculture and the tilapia pond. A puso-making demonstration follows. Through pick and pay, you get the harvest the freshest vegetables in season to take home. A mouth-wathering buffet-lunch caps every tour. The tour is managed by the Cultural Heritage for Aloguinsan Tourism (CHAT).


Exploring The Hermit's Cove

Imagine a secluded cove of fine white sand and clear waters teeming with colorful marine life. You would probably live here as a hermit did mre than a hundred years ago! Today, his exploits nad extraordinary life is celebrated in songs and stories by a community of fishermen and their families who now call Baybay Cove in Kantabogon thier home. This tropical destination you've been  dreaming about is only five minutes by motorized banca from the town center.

Your odyssey includes snorkeling with the local guide at the underwater reef garden within the 18 hectare mrine protected area which features a majestic myriad of fishes,corals, marine turtles, and occassional sightings of whale sharks! You partake in an authentic fisherman's lunch cooked the ancient Filipino seafarers' way. You will experience the community's old fishing rituals and techniques,and its traditional arts,and participate in handicraft-making. The tour is run by the Kantabogon Ecotourism Association (KEA).




Traveler's Information:

Aloguinsan town has a population of about 27,000 residents. It is located on the western seaboard facing the island of Negros. From Cebu City, it is 72 kilometers (via Toledo City) and 58 kilometers via Carcar City. 




Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the best way of getting there?

Transportation and tours are available in Cebu City. You can take a V-Hire(Van for Hire), rent a car, or a bus, going to Toledo City or the Carcar Cuty routes. Average travel time is approximately 2 hours.

Where can I stay?

As of this writing, there is a pension house, and an ecolodge set toopen. You may want to experience homestay accommodation of which the town has plenty to offer.

What type of food can I expect?

You'll enjoy an abundance of fresh locally grown and produce,including the freshest seafood!

Are tours in Aloguinsan expensive?

No, but very reasonable. Aloguinsan tours are great value, especially for ecotourism advocates and those who practice sustainable and responsible travel.

How far will my money paid for the tour go?

The money you paid goes directly to the local communities who run the tours. It funds environmental  protection projects, income for the families, subsidy ofr tyhier chieldren's education and funding for basic services in the community. In short, it will help communities to be sustaining and self-reliant.

Should I book in advance?

whenever possible, book at least two days ahead. The communities running the tour will have to prepare everything, from sourcing locally grown produce for your meals, to coordinating tour guides and transportation. They will endeavour that you will leave them and bring home with a five-star experience!


*All the information above was derived from the brochure courtesy of Aloguinsan Municipal Tourism Office.





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